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Meet Pam

A multifaceted designer and artist. Creator of letters, motion, and patterns.

As an award-winning graphic designer with a versatile set of skills and an eye for attention to detail, I constantly strive to fully develop creative concepts to produce work which exceeds expectations. I am able to bring a unique perspective to my work by combining my background in various traditional and digital mediums. My education hasn't stopped just because I have earned a BFA, and I am extremely self-motivated to constantly learn new techniques and programs that will allow me to continue developing professionally. 


A background in management allows me to effectively manage my time and help projects stay on track and reach their deadline in a timely manner. I have experience working in a variety of levels of the creative process, such as: conceptualizing, art direction, execution, project management, presenting, obtaining executive approval, and dealing with external vendors. 


When I'm not busy creating, I can usually be found exploring the outdoors, cooking some delicious vegetarian meals, or planning my next Halloween costume. 

Some areas of design I specialize in include motion graphics, digital design (email design, social media graphics, web ads, etc.), print design (brochures, flyers, direct mails, trade show structures, etc.), illustration, hand drawn type, and surface pattern design. Expanding on those areas of design, as well as exploring others, is how I continue to grow as an artist.


I'd love to hear from you to discuss your next project, or exclusive licensing for available existing/new works.

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